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Jon and Michaela bring a wealth of experience in working with schools to capture images for websites and marketing materials. They understand the unique challenges of working in a dynamic and busy educational environment. They recognize the importance of creating a relaxed atmosphere for both students and teachers in order to achieve the best outcomes.

When undertaking a photography project in a school, Jon and Michaela are mindful of minimizing disruption to the daily activities. They work closely with the school to plan a brief and establish a schedule that ensures the day flows smoothly. Through an initial consultation, they identify the important elements, activities, and classes that need to be captured to represent the personality, ethos, and values of the school.

Jon and Michaela have developed a documentary-style approach to their photography, which allows them to capture authenticity and spontaneity. They believe that this style of photography truly reflects the spirit of a school, showcasing the genuine interactions and moments that make each institution unique.

One of the aspects that Jon and Michaela particularly enjoy about their work is the ability to capture unexpected shots that often turn out to be incredibly powerful. By being present throughout the day and immersing themselves in the school environment, they are able to seize those serendipitous moments that can make a significant impact on the final collection of images.

Overall, Jon and Michaela's passion for their work and their understanding of the importance of creating a relaxed and authentic atmosphere in schools make them ideal photographers for capturing the essence of an educational institution.


Jon and Michaela are experienced school photographers who have a passion for capturing the special moments of childhood. They are skilled at working with children of all ages and abilities, and they always put the child at ease. They use a variety of techniques to create natural and candid photographs that capture the true essence of each child's personality.

In addition to their technical skills, Jon and Michaela are also excellent communicators. They work closely with school staff to ensure that the photography session runs smoothly and that all of the children's needs are met. They are also happy to provide advice on how to choose the perfect school photographs for your child's yearbook or other special projects.

If you are looking for an experienced and professional school photographer in Buckinghamshire, Jon and Michaela are the perfect choice. They will create beautiful and lasting memories of every pupil's school years.




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