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If you have just bought a camera, or have one sitting in your cupboard untouched because the hand book is not making any sense, or if you are struggling to create the type of photographs you want, then we can provide one to one photographic lessons in Buckinghamshire.

Our photographic tuition can be undertaken in two sessions, each around two hours in length, or as one half day if you would prefer. Everyone’s skill levels and interests are different and so each session is tailored to the needs of the individual. An initial conversation helps to establish the focus of the session and what the desired outcomes are.

All technical aspects for beginners and intermediates can be covered from getting off the auto setting on your camera in order to take more creative photos. From exposure, focusing, the effects of different lenses and generally what you need to know about your camera to be more in control. Also compositional ideas and understanding lighting are also integral aspects, when learning how to take a better photographs.

Jon and Michaela have many years of experience as professional photographers and during the session either one of them will go out with you to practice what has been taught during in the lesson, with your own camera. This is a fun and important way to get used to taking photos, while you have someone to bounce ideas off and give you feedback.

It is often when you go to practice on your own, that difficulties or questions arise and so included in the fee, is the opportunity to get in touch with them after the session for help if you wish to.


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photography lessons in Buckinghamshire

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